Published on 17 Mar 2016

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs increases the budget for ITEA projects

The ITEA Office received good news regarding the available funding budget for ITEA in the Netherlands. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has decided to increase the budget for ITEA projects from 10 million euros to 14.256.000 euros in 2016.

Source: Staatscourant

2016 national application – streamlined process

Since the start of ITEA 3 in 2014, the ITEA Office, in close cooperation with the Public Authorities, has been continuously working on shortening the time from project idea (Call opening) to project start. In light of this, the Dutch Public Authorities (RVO) have adapted their National Application Calendar to be better aligned with the ITEA Call calendar. For 2016, the RVO national application Call for projects that received an ITEA label, will open on 14 March. The submission deadline is 8 April, 17:00 CET. The hearings on national level are expected mid-May. The formal commitment or rejection letter is then expected to be before 1 July 2016.


2015 resultsInternational R&D and innovation multiplier ITEA 3

Looking back, for 2015, the Ministry reported on the following positive results for ITEA:

The Dutch budget for ITEA projects of 9.7 million euros, has resulted in Dutch R&D participation worth 23.2 million euros and international R&D participation (Dutch + international project partners in the project) worth 59.2 million euros.

Source: RVO 

Join us for the new Call – 13 September!

The Dutch government attaches great importance to ITEA, which is underlined by this substantial budget increase. It encourages Dutch partners to get involved in the new Call for Projects, which opens on 13 September. ITEA will launch its third Call for project proposals in conjunction with the ITEA Project Outline (PO) Preparation Days in Paris on 13-14 September.


Project idea tool for ITEA 3 Call 3 open now

To optimise your preparation period, it is recommended to start shaping your project idea(s) and consortia in advance. The ITEA Community Website comprises of a set of tools, including the Project idea tool, which will support you in making a flying start! For more information, go to