Published on 28 Jun 2018 · Report of the ITEA customer workshop on Smart Communities

Smart Communities challenges: can you solve them?

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Download the full report: Results of the ITEA international customer workshop on Smart Communities

Customer orientation and business impact are two key objectives in ITEA; ITEA projects focus on creating real business outcomes and from experience we know that R&D project are more successful in this when they involve customers from the beginning. To facilitate that, ITEA organised its fourth international customer workshop on 20-21 June. This year, the Barco premises in Kortrijk was the venue for the workshop to discuss the challenges of Smart Communities at which a smart set of selected international customers, key technology providers and innovative SMEs gathered from Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Turkey. As Smart Communities can be very useful in many cases, there was a wide variety of customers, as you can see in the table below.


Customers Technology providers SMEs

Airbus Cybersecurity (FRA)

Airbus Cybersecurity (FRA)

Appnovation Technologies (CAN)

Axians (BEL)

Barco (BEL)

Bumbee Labs (SWE)

Koç University (TUR)

Turkcell Technology (TUR)

CityzenData (FRA)

Migros Retail (TUR)


Esri (CAN)

Port of Antwerp (BEL)


Immanens (FRA)

Toulouse Oncology Center (FRA)


Inovia (SWE)

Turkcell Academy (TUR)


Nurogames (GER)

S2E Technologies (CAN)




Smart Communities participants Smart Communities demo


The topics discussed in-depth during the meeting were:

The rest of this document describes the different exchanges more in details.

We invite you to check this report carefully if you intend to push a new ITEA project on Smart Communities. You will find a set of real customer pain points to be solved.

If you have an innovative idea to solve any (or part) of these challenges, use the ITEA Project Idea Tool ( to show your interest and participate in the ITEA Project Outline (PO) Preparation Days, taking place on 4-5 September 2018 in Stockholm, to define your project and gather a suitable consortium!

1. Heterogeneous communities

a. Challenges:

Hospital patient journey and apparatus management case

IoT & Industry monitoring with digital twin case

b. Ideas of solutions:

c. Ideas of project proposals:

Leader: Immanens

Interested partners: Toulouse Oncology Center, Immanens, Appnovation, Esri, Airbus CyberSecurity, Barco, Bumbee Labs, Turkcell Technology

2. Tracking and Tracing

a. Challenges:

b. Ideas of project proposals:


Interested partners: Airbus CyberSecurity, Toulouse Oncology Center, Immanens

3. Collaborative Learning

a. Challenges:

b. Ideas for solutions:

Embedded Learning

a. Challenges:

b. Ideas of solutions:

c. Ideas of project proposals:

From the two previous challenges an idea of project has been proposed to cover different training tools and knowledge gathering for a set of use cases:

Leader: Turkcell Technology

Interested partners: Inovia, Appnovation, Koç University, Turkcell Academy, Toulouse Oncology Center, Airbus CyberSecurity, Nuromedia, Barco, Migros, Immanens, Bumbee Labs


Miscellaneous challenges

A set of other challenges has been put on the table but not discussed in detail due to limitation of time. All of them have been expressed by a customer:


Once again, this international customer workshop demonstrated its added value to support the ITEA Community to be even more customer-oriented and to work on actual challenges coming from their future customers.


Join our next ITEA PO Days on 4-5 September in Stockholm and pick a challenge described in this document; you can be sure you will respond to real demands of actual customers. We look forward to discovering new unique innovations!

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