Published on 05 Dec 2017

Six new impressive ITEA project stories added to the ITEA Impact stream

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  • Substantial boost in annual sales volume and turnover
  • Worldwide deployment of products which are based on ITEA project results
  • Important workforce growth
  • Significant time and cost efficiency gains in areas like healthcare, energy, safety & security
  • Foundation of worldwide standards

These are all key examples of impact highlights achieved by ITEA project consortia.

As of December 2017, the ITEA Impact stream, a living publication showcasing impact highlights of successful ITEA Projects, has been updated with 6 new impressive new project stories! The ITEA Impact stream now consists of 7 societal challenges and 9 impact stories in a wide range of application domains.

Take a look and be inspired!


About the ITEA Impact stream

Many ITEA projects have achieved incredible results and most of these successes could not have been achieved without the (financial) support of the national Public Authorities. They have put their trust in these projects and supported them with public funds, making it possible for the project partners to get the most out of it.

In return, ITEA is now gathering project impact stories to show in what way they solve key societal challenges and have an impact on business, on the market and on society. All impact stories will be collected in the ITEA Impact stream. The ITEA Impact stream is a living publication that consists of 2 main elements: 7 main societal challenges and a set of project stories showcasing the impact highlights. Over time more stories will be added.

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