Published on 16 Jul 2008

Point-One joins forces with French research cluster System@tic



Eindhoven, 17 June 2008 - Point-One today announced a strategic partnership with the French ICT research cluster System@tic Paris Region. Both parties will sign a declaration of intent to that end on 18 June. Point-One will be represented in this by its new CEO, Roel Kramer. Point-One and System@tic are entering into this partnership because when combined, their activities, which run along similar lines, will strengthen the position of both clusters on both a European and a worldwide scale. An alliance will produce further benefits in terms of participation in European R&D programmes.


Point-One, Pole of Innovative Technology on Nanoelectronics and Embedded Systems, is a strategic innovation programme that focuses on expanding the current strong position Dutch industry holds in nanoelectronics and embedded systems to absolute world class proportions. A large number of companies, knowledge institutions and the Dutch government participate in Point-One. The programme comprises strategic research projects, support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), bringing educational courses into line with the needs of industry and much more.


Expanding its position
The parties involved in Point-One often work across borders. Once it has a permanent basis for European cooperation, Point-One will be able to further expand its position as an innovation cluster. That means, furthermore, that the parties in Point-One will be able to develop innovative Healthcare, Energy, ICT, Lifestyle, Transport and Security technologies and products better and faster.



System@tic Paris Region is one of the largest French Pôles de Competitivité (innovation clusters that conduct research on a global level). The Paris group of companies and research institutes focuses on the development of innovative information and communication technology particularly for Software-Intensive Systems (SIS). This complex software is applied in areas including Automotive, Security, Defence and Telecom.


Point-One and System@tic see particular opportunities for research through joint participation in such European R&D programmes as ENIAC, Artemis, ITEA2 and Catrene (Medea+). Furthermore, the partners will concentrate on creating opportunities for SME and on standardising products.


About Point-One
Small and large companies, educational institutes and knowledge institutions cooperate intensively in Point-One to expand the Netherlands’ current strong position in this field to Silicon Valley proportions. Specifically, Point-One companies want to attain a 50% growth in turnover by 2013 to 37 billion euros, raise its Dutch R&D spend from 1.5 billion euros to 1.9 billion euros and ensure a solid anchoring of Point-One activities in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Point-One’s guiding principle is the Strategic Research Agenda. This umbrella strategy, which interfaces with European initiatives, combines the strengths of the various players and gives direction to R&D investments. Point-One focuses on: 1) expanding the cooperation between companies, whether large or small, knowledge institutions and government in strategic research projects, 2) building excellent technology institutions for open innovation, 3) encouraging cooperation between knowledge institutions and industry and ensuring that there is sufficient growth in the number of highly-educated technical experts,
4) supporting SME with advice, research facilities and financial resources.
Point-One was set up two years ago and now has 120 participating parties, the majority of which comes from SME.
Point-One came into being as the result of a joint initiative by the Dutch high-tech industry and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. For more information, see:


More information about System@tic Paris Region can be found at: