Published on 15 Jul 2016

ITEA project CᶟPO will participate in Innovation Forum

C3PO project image

Tuesday 20 September, the ITEA project C³PO will participate in the Innovation Forum organised by the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB). This event will gather about 1500 participants, representing CEOs and politicians amongst others, and will focus on “Innovation across borders”. It has been shown that successful innovation is increasingly being established across geographical, sectoral and company borders, but still many hurdles exist in Belgium for this kind of innovation.

The purpose of this forum is to promote innovation across borders and to identify approaches for overcoming the hurdles.

Prior to the conference part of the event, giving the floor to (international) top keynote speakers, there are 6 inspiring sessions, each covering a societal key challenge for which a wave of innovation across borders is imminent. These sessions are:

  1. Energy & Climate
  2. Ageing & Health
  3. Free Time & New Media
  4. Mobility & Urbanisation
  5. Digital as a cross-cutting innovation Force
  6. Tasty and Healthy Food

During these sessions good examples of innovation projects (cases) will be presented and a panel discussion with key stakeholders will be held on the challenges for innovation in these areas.

C³PO has been invited to participate as a case for "Digital as a cross-cutting innovation force". Several partners of C³PO, including Barco, will be present at the event and round table discussions. For more information, check the project information in Dutch or the in French.

As an introduction to this event, Channel Z (Belgian television channel focused on economic reporting – reaching hundreds of thousands viewers every day) is showing several cases, and C³PO is one of them. You can check the video here.