Published on 16 May 2019

ITEA project AVANTI finalist of EUREKA Innovation Award 2019

We are very proud of ITEA project AVANTI, that was one of the 5 finalists for the prestigious EUREKA Innovation Award 2019, handed out by the UK EUREKA Chair Tim Bestwick during the EUREKA Global Innovation Summit (EGIS) on 16 May in Manchester.

With this spot in the final, the EUREKA Network recognises that AVANTI has shown true innovation and a significant impact on economy and society on a global scale. The project was shortlisted as one of the 5 finalists from all EUREKA projects funded within the last 5 years (since 2013), across all EUREKA instruments. From these 5 finalists, EUREKA selected the projects Celtic-Plus project SIGMONA and EUREKA Eurostars project Kids4Life as this year’s winners.

EUREKA Innovation Award Finalist AVANTI EUREKA Innovation Award Finalist AVANTI

The AVANTI project developed a Smart manufacturing solution, with virtual commissioning to facilitate components-based engineering in a virtual orchestration of physical properties. The project consortium, consisting of 11 partners from Finland, Germany and Turkey, generated impressive exploitable results. The results of distributed simulation were demonstrated in different industrial sectors: Daimler (Germany) in automotive assembly, Arcelik (Turkey) in white goods production and Moventas (Finland) for windmill gearbox testing. In all application domains, the project has had a direct impact on the organisation of industrial plants, resulting in an efficiency improvement of 25-30 % in production preparation. The project also managed to produce two contributions to the standard AutomationML.

ITEA Chairwoman Zeynep Sarilar on AVANTI: "The high level of innovation of the AVANTI project was already recognised by ITEA in 2017, when the project received the ITEA Award of Excellence in the category ‘Innovation’. AVANTI is a strong example of a game-changing project in ITEA and it has many dimensions in its impressive outcomes. It’s important to follow up the results to understand the complete butterfly impact of this project”.

Daimler, one of the ITEA founding companies, has been active in 13 ITEA projects since the start of the programme just over 20 years ago. AVANTI was particularly important for the follow-up ITEA project ENTOC which uses and benefits from the results. The participation in the AVANTI project is part of a strategic approach within Daimler, entailing 4 successive ITEA projects: Modelisar, AVANTI, ENTOC and MOSIM. Together with the different consortium partners, Daimler targeted to develop the FMI standard to enable powerful simulation, pushed in different domains. They started with the product development area, moved over to production engineering and are now working in their latest ITEA project MOSIM on the simulation of human motions.

On behalf of the AVANTI project leader Thomas Bär, Matthias Riedl from ifak, coordinator of the German sub-consortium, was present to receive the 'Finalists certificate' for AVANTI. Matthias Riedl: “We are very proud to be one of the finalists for the EUREKA Innovation Award 2019. This nomination recognises the outstanding results that came out of AVANTI. During the project we had an excellent collaboration and the results are the basis for ongoing and future research projects and bilateral collaborations.”

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