Published on 31 Jan 2019

ITEA Office releases upgraded website

ITEA Office releases upgraded website

In January, ITEA released an upgraded ITEA and ITEA Community website. The new website has a fresh look with an interactive welcome page and upgraded design for all ITEA web pages. The ‘mobile first’ state-of-the-art approach that is used, makes the website suitable for all screen sizes, from smartphones to full-size displays.

Just to highlight some of the improvements:

  • The overview pages for e.g. projects, news, events, press, etc. had a makeover from simple lists to image-driven results, making it all more visually attractive and more informative;
  • The improved, more powerful search function enables you to generate overviews and to filter these results (e.g. projects, news items, etc.) on several levels, giving you the exact answers you are looking for;
  • Each project now has an upgraded and customised project page in which important project documents have a more prominent place, making them easier to find;
  • The ITEA magazines will be digitised, making the content searchable and organisation and project pages now include a link to relevant articles. The latest ITEA magazine is already online and previous magazines will be digitised retrospectively soon.

You are invited to check out the upgraded website! Of course, the website is improved continuously, so your feedback is highly appreciated.