Published on 23 Jan 2015

ITEA joins the VINNOVA-SSF conference: Software for Competitiveness II – Innovative software in systems

Swedish industry derives much of its competitiveness from innovative large-scale, autonomous and highly specialised technological system-products. For decades these system-products have enjoyed international sales in a wide range of industrial segments, including transportation, communication, production and healthcare. The current trend towards an increasing service content in system-products depends critically on an increasing role for software, both in product development and in the ecosystems of the final system-products.

VINNOVA and The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) together fund a large share of the Swedish research, development and innovation in embedded and software-intensive systems. While SSF mainly funds national projects, VINNOVA’s funding focusses on international EU and EUREKA projects.

This joint VINNOVA-SSF conference will be held in Stockholm on 10 February and will provide both a wide and in-depth overview of these projects of great importance to large parts of Sweden’s ever-more system-oriented industry and society.

Charlotte Brogren, Director General VINNOVA, and Lars Hultman, CEO SSF, will kick-off the conference. Volvo will present a keynote talk on software in future cars while key representatives from ITEA and the EU JTI ECSEL will present their programmes and will be available for discussions. In total, 30 different projects within the embedded and software-intensive systems fields will be presented at the conference. Of these, 16 derives from the SSF Software-Intensive Systems calls in 2008 and 2010. The VINNOVA projects belong to the EU JTI ARTEMIS and EUREKA ITEA 2 programmes.

This joint conference is aimed to gather decision makers and researchers from industry and academy as well as graduate students. We hope the conference will stimulate many rewarding contacts and help to create future project ideas.

Registration deadline: 30 January - Registration form

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