Published on 21 Jun 2012

ITEA 3 - the new Cluster on software-intensive systems and services receives EUREKA label

During the EUREKA High Level Group (HLG) meeting in Budapest on 20 June, the EUREKA HLG approved the successor of the ITEA 2 Cluster: ITEA 3. After an introductory presentation by ITEA 2 Chairman Rudolf Haggenmüller and very warm and supportive reactions from the EUREKA member countries, the label for ITEA 3 was officially awarded.

Preparations for ITEA 3 have been underway in co-operation with industry and the Public Authorities since mid 2011. Based on these preparations, the Public Authorities represented in the ITEA 2 Directors Committee decided on 27 April 2012 to support fully the labelling of ITEA 3 at the EUREKA HLG meeting in Budapest.

In a time when change will be the norm, ITEA 3 has to be revolutionarily different from earlier ICT research and innovation programmes. It will be a living organisation with a living road map and intends to shorten dramatically the period from idea to project start. It will also take a more global approach to research partnerships and exploit its strong relationships with other Clusters, such as ARTEMIS, EUREKA Clusters, EIT ICT Labs and national competitiveness clusters.

Now, with the official EUREKA label for ITEA 3 in place, preparations will continue and the first Call for Projects is set for 2014, to ensure a smooth transition from ITEA 2.

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