Published on 02 Oct 2014

ITEA 3 community website enriched

With the PO Preparation Days behind us, the next step of the ITEA Call process is approaching: the PO submission (deadline 31 October 2014). To ease this process, the ITEA community website has been enriched.

In January, ITEA already launched a new public website as part of its ongoing efforts to support the community of R&D actors, companies, research institutes and countries active in Software-intensive Systems and Services with high-quality and up-to-date information. In line with this improvement and design, ITEA has now also updated the (restricted) community website.

Besides the implementation of the new corporate identity, ITEA aimed at a mobile-friendly website which automatically adapts to the used device. In addition, the process flow towards a PO and FPP submission has been improved without thoroughly changing the already familiar procedure.

Based on feedback from the community and an analysis of the frequently asked questions, a ‘Project checklist’ has been introduced. It will guide the user through the submission flow; during the PO and FPP creation and submission, the website will directly show the incomplete or missing parts of the submission. Additionally, an inline help has been implemented to give direct information on which data is expected in the form.

Another important change has been implemented in the final step of the submission. Where in the past the submission was the final step in finalising a PO or FPP, re-submissions are now allowed until the PO/FPP submission deadline. An innovative step in the ITEA process flow is the generation of a preview of the merged PO and FPP annex document, including the data provided online (consortium, cost and effort figures, rationale for public funding, etc.) and project related data. Throughout the process flow it will always be possible to create a preview of the merged proposal to see if the final document meets your requirements. The provided PO annex document is prepared in such a way that the layout of the final document conforms to the corporate identity.

Finally, to better integrate the ITEA websites and to ease switching between them, both public and community website are now accessible via with a single log-in.

We hope that the improvements help the ITEA community to create high quality PO and FPP proposals and we are continuously working to improve the system. The ITEA Office is happy to receive feedback based on your experience –