Published on 26 Mar 2018

ITEA 3 Call 4 projects labelled: 19 new ITEA projects to excel, solve key challenges and innovate the future!

Especially Smart Manufacturing, but also Smart Health, Smart Cities, Smart Engineering and Safety and Security will get a positive boost with the labelling of 19 new and innovative ITEA projects of ITEA 3 Call 4. On 21 March 2018, the ITEA Board labelled these projects with a total of 2942 person years, giving 388 organisations from 15 different countries, the opportunity to excel, solve key challenges and innovate the future!

France, Spain and Germany represent the highest effort (in person years) in this Call, followed by Turkey and Finland.

ITEA remains attractive for innovative SMEs. In 2017, during the Digital Innovation Forum that ITEA co-organised, a dedicated innovation market and innovation sessions fuelled by SMEs were set-up. 53% of the companies participating in this fourth Call are SMEs, showing that they clearly see the value of the ITEA programme. 

The customer orientation and the wish to solve real challenges are a high priority in ITEA. Since 2015, ITEA organises each year a customer and end-user workshop on a specific theme to understand the problems that exist and that might block an efficient way of working in the chosen domain. In 2017, the workshop was dedicated to ‘Smart Manufacturing’. Now, 9 out of the 19 labelled projects address this topic, which increases the possibilities for impactful results and shows the importance of this workshop.

Learn more about the newly labelled projects and what you can expect in the coming years by visiting our website. We look forward to supporting these projects in their way to success and we are excited to see how they will contribute to change the future!