Published on 18 Sep 2017

ITEA 3 Call 4 opened with promising Project Outline (PO) Days 2017!

Banner ITEA PO Days 2017


On 12 September, ITEA 3 Call 4 opened with the ITEA PO Days 2017, a lively 2-day brokerage event with over 300 participants and 74 project ideas presented. The record speed of incoming registrations and the record number of participants this year reaffirmed the importance of this event. Most participants came from the host country, Germany. Furthermore, the still growing number of Canadian participants was remarkable, next to the comeback of the UK, which has been absent for a few years. In total, 18 countries were represented.

For the second time, the project ideas were clustered by 7 challenges, defined by the ITEA community. Smart manufacturing was highly represented with more than 30% of the project ideas in this category. This was mainly thanks to the ITEA customer workshop on Smart manufacturing that was organised in June 2017 to gather actual painpoints from customers in the domain of Smart Manufacturing, giving concrete ideas for innovation projects to start from. The Canadian delegation that joined the PO Days also gathered around this topic. In addition to Smart manufacturing, Smart cities, Safety and Security, Smart engineering and Smart health were well represented. Of course, POs submitted in ITEA do not necessarily have to specifically fit these challenges; all innovative projects on software innovation are welcome!

To get inspiration and to see what can be reached through an ITEA project, you are invited to check out the online ITEA Impact stream which was released during the PO Days 2017 by ITEA Chairwoman Zeynep Sarilar. The ITEA Impact stream is a living publication that consists of 2 main elements: 7 main societal challenges and a set of impact stories focusing on the impact highlights of successful ITEA projects. This publication will continuously be expanded with new inspiring stories.

If you weren’t able to participate in the ITEA PO Days 2017 but you are interested in taking part in ITEA 3 Call 4, you can still check the project ideas in the ITEA Project Idea Tool (NDA needed). You can send the project idea leaders a request to join a project idea with your motivation and expertise.

As the progress of the project ideas at the end of the PO Days was already surprisingly impressive, we look forward to the POs that will be submitted!


 Deadline for PO submission: 2 November 2017 – 17:00 CET

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