Published on 11 Dec 2014

ITEA 3 Call 1 Project Outline submission and evaluation

A message from Vice-chairman Philippe Letellier

Compared to the last ITEA 2 Calls the PO harvest for the first ITEA 3 Call is pretty good with 34 POs submitted representing 4619 person years coming from 22 different countries, including Canada and Taiwan as new participants this year. We observe some important trends:

The thematic landscape of this Call covers an increasing number of POs on Software Engineering, Health & Wellbeing, Smart Industry, Surveillance and Security, which remain important topics. The topics of Smart Cities and IoT, which have been growing over the past few years, are still delivering a significant number of proposals. Retail and Agriculture are two new topics which are very prominent in this Call and are indicative of a new future for ITEA, one that involves more traditional industries that have been impacted by the Digital Transition.

On 28 November, 21 project proposals with a total of 3105 PY were invited to preparing a Full Project Proposal (FPP). This is the following step in the preparation of the next stage in the future of ITEA and of the European industry thanks to the tangible market impact that ITEA projects are having. A future of Happiness.

We would like to wish all invited project consortia good luck in preparing the FPP!


Please note that the deadline for FPP submission is Wednesday 11 February (17:00 CET).
If you have any questions during the FPP submission stage, please contact the ITEA Office.