Published on 29 Jan 2018

ITEA: 20 years of impact in Software Innovation!

In 2018, ITEA, the trans-national, innovative and industry-driven R&D programme, will mark its 20 years of impact in Software Innovation in Europe and beyond. ITEA was founded in 1998 as a Cluster programme of the intergovernmental Research &Innovation Network EUREKA and to this day is one of its most impactful instruments.

Impact is one of the main ambitions in ITEA; impact on business, on the market, on society. Many ITEA projects have achieved incredible results, like:

  • By the end of 2016, over 1000 operating rooms within Europe had installed Barco's Nexxis platform - a networked digital Operating Room - which is based on MEDIATE results. At the end of 2017 this had increased to over 1600 installations and accelerated adoption is expected over the next few years.
    - result from the MEDIATE project finished in December 2013

  • ADAX is known to have directly contributed to €7 m of the €33 m turnover recorded by Cassidian Cybersecurity SAS in 2014 and led to the recruitment of 6 additional engineers.
    - result from the ADAX project finished in April 2015

  • Reusing part of the IMPONET results, Indra developed a Web Portal for Residential Customer Meter Data, which has been implemented for the overall customer base of Gas Natural Fenosa which is in excess of 3 million customers, representing a sizable portion of the total Spanish market.
    -  result from the IMPONET project finished in March 2013

ITEA’s project impact is achieved by a community of close to 1600 partners from large industry, SMEs, universities, research institutes and user organisations in 32 countries worldwide. ITEA enabled these participating companies and innovators to develop new partnerships, to access new customers and markets and to develop new products and technologies.

Since the start of ITEA, in October 1998, 227 projects have run for a total effort of 27,000 person-years. ITEA projects are funded by national Public Authorities worldwide. Most of the ITEA project successes could not have been achieved without the (financial) support of these national Public Authorities, making it possible for the project partners to get the most out of it.

Throughout this special anniversary year, we will be celebrating ITEA project successes and the Community that made it all happen, and simultaneously, with the new trends arising from our new projects, designing a great and impactful future for the follow-up of ITEA.

Save the date and join us at our
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