Published on 09 Jul 2009

ITEA 2 Symposium 2009, Madrid, Spain, 29-30 October

Our ITEA 2 Symposium 2009 will take place in the Auditorium Hotel in Madrid, Spain on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October. It will provide participants with a unique opportunity to gain an insight into one of Europe 's most important and strategic ICT initiatives.

The Symposium programme is scheduled around this years' theme: "Business-oriented innovation that strengthens economy and benefits society".


The Symposium includes a co-organised one-day programme together with ARTEMISIA: the ARTEMIS & ITEA Co-summit (30 October) with the Co-summit theme: "Ecosystems driving open innovation in Embedded Intelligence and Software-Intensive Systems and Services". 


The registration for Thursday 29 October is on invitation only. The registration for the Co-summit is open.


For more information visit our ITEA 2 Symposium 2009 website


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