Published on 26 Jun 2013

ITEA 2 Call 8 Project Outline submission and evaluation

23 proposals invited for the next stage!

On  24 May, 34 POs were submitted with a total of 5299 PY, which represents the 3rd greatest Call of the ITEA 2 programme in terms of effort. This means a significant increase since 2011, as Call 6 and 7 respectively represented 4259 and 3892 PY. We are very proud of this year’s results!

On 26 June, 23 project proposals with a total of 4001 PY  were invited for preparing a Full Project Proposal (FPP). The invited proposals give a promising and interesting outlook for the eigth ITEA 2 Call with new topics and potential 'Seizing the High Ground stories' arising.

We would like to wish all invited project consortia good luck in preparing the FPP!

Please note that the deadline for FPP submission is 31 October (17:00 CET).

If you have any questions during the FPP submission stage please contact the ITEA Office