Published on 06 Jul 2012

EUREKA Clusters annual report 2012 published

Initiated by Europe’s industry, the EUREKA Clusters are long-term oriented and strategically significant initiatives. The EUREKA Clusters have recognised track records which are demonstrated by a regular increase in their activity, with now seven Clusters. Addressing the needs of large companies and SMEs, they are the core engine for industrial innovation and economic growth. Through their industrial representation, the Clusters have a prominent and active role to play in bringing innovation to the market. In terms of project funding they represent more than 70% of the EUREKA portfolio. (Source: EUREKA Strategic Roadmap, Ministerial Conference, Budapest, June 2012)

The EUREKA Clusters annual report 2012 was presented to the EUREKA High Level Group in Debrecen, Hungary on 18 April. It includes for each Cluster a brief description of its scope and some major recent successes as well as project statistics. It is intended to present such a Cluster report to the EUREKA HLG annually.

To download the 2012 report, click here