Published on 05 Dec 2016 · Call for candidates open now!

DIF 2017 Innovation session - Pitch your innovation to a global audience

In 2017, the EUREKA Cluster ITEA will co-organise the Digital Innovation Forum (DIF) 2017 together with ARTEMIS Industry Association. We will welcome the global software innovation community in the Amsterdam RAI on 10-11 May.

Pitch your innovation to a global audience

The DIF will take collaboration to a different and more expansive level, more explicitly including SMEs and start-ups thanks to the new Innovation market and sessions. This year four emerging challenges for industry are addressed: Smart Energy, Smart Health, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Mobility.
SMEs and start-ups are invited to take part in the innovation sessions and market related to these challenges.

Taking part in the DIF 2017 innovation market and sessions gives you the perfect opportunity to:

Innovation market - exhibit to the DIF attendees

On 10 and 11 May, a dedicated SME & start-up innovation market will be organised, enabling you to exhibit your innovative idea and product to the DIF 2017 attendees.

Innovation sessions - pitch to a jury

On Thursday 11 May, four parallel innovation sessions for SMEs/start-up pitches (open to the audience) are organised based on the above-mentioned themes. Per thematic session, six SMEs / start-ups will be selected to pitch in front of the jury. Two of the six SMEs / start-ups per theme will be selected to give their pitch during the plenary closing session in the afternoon of 11 May.

Interested to join? Answer our Call for candidates

We offer an all-in-one participation package for the innovation market and sessions. The costs for this package are €750 (non-refundable and excl. VAT) and it includes:

To apply for the Innovation market and Innovation sessions:

For more detailed information about the Innovation sessions & market, and the DIF 2017, please visit the dedacted page on the DIF 2017 website.