Published on 23 May 2016

6 reasons why it is important to participate in the ITEA Project Outline Preparation Days 2016

On 13 September, ITEA 3 Call 3 will open in conjunction with the ITEA Project Outline (PO) Preparation Days in Paris on 13 and 14 September 2016.

Start preparing now!
You can already start preparing for this Call now at the ITEA Community website by using the Project Idea tool, the partner search and message board, accessible via It is highly recommended to start shaping project idea(s) and identifying potential partners in advance to optimise your preparation period.

And make sure you join us during the PO Days in Paris

  1. “A network is built from people and when you get to know them, you can know who to trust and you can build a consortium from that. Without meeting the people in person, this is more complicated”, according to Pasi Kuvaja of the University of Oulu who attended the PO Days since their very beginning in 1998;
  2. If you have a project idea, you have the opportunity to pitch it to a large and highly qualified audience with a diverse set of expertise in 5 minutes. Afterwards, you can discuss the details with the interested partners in several brainstorm sessions. If you are interested in joining an idea you can listen to many pitches in a short period of time and choose the idea that suits your expertise best;
  3. 74% of the submitted ITEA 3 Call 2 POs resulted from the PO Days 2015, and similar results have been measured over the past few years;
  4. It is an opportunity to meet the Public Authorities that are present to discuss your idea in more detail, and learn more about the specific funding rules in your country well in advance;
  5. You can meet companies from all over the world in one spot, most probably including the EUREKA associated countries Canada, South Korea, and South Africa as well; and
  6. You can learn from best practices presented by the ITEA Office and see how the ITEA Office can support you during the full project lifetime.


PO Days PO Days


Each year we are fully booked for this 2-day brokerage event as there is only a limited number of registrations available to optimise the networking possibilities and exchanges.

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