Published on 22 Mar 2019

17 innovative ITEA projects labelled in ITEA 3 Call 5

On 21 March 2019, the ITEA Board labelled 17 innovative ITEA projects in ITEA 3 Call 5. Especially the Smart Communities domain, but also Smart Engineering, Safety and Security and Smart Mobility will get a positive boost in this fifth Call. The newly labelled projects represent a total of 3064 person years and involve 334 unique organisations from 16 different countries.

Finland, Spain and Turkey represent the highest effort (in person years) in this Call, followed by the Netherlands and France. SMEs represent the largest part of participating companies with 48.5%, followed by Large Industry with 31.8%. It shows ITEA is an attractive tool for SMEs, while keeping a good mix of different types of organisations.

This Call again demonstrates the impact of the yearly customer and end-user workshop. Since 2015, ITEA organises this workshop dedicated to a specific domain to understand the problems that customers and end-users experience and that might block an efficient way of working. In 2018, the workshop focused on ‘Smart Communities’, resulting in a significant increase in projects in this domain: 4 out of the 17 labelled projects in Call 5 address Smart Communities challenges, compared to 0 projects in both Call 3 and Call 4.

We look forward to supporting these projects in their way to success. Click here to learn more about these 17 newly labelled projects and to follow their progress.