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From old-fashioned linear TV shows to YouTube fake news, our unique future? Perhaps not!

15 October 2019

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Our modern society is confronted by mass of communication media, which is no longer under control and which destabilises global society. Have a look on the results of last elections everywhere in the world and the associated instability or governments far removed from the European principles of democracy. In ITEA, an innovative path has been explored in the MOS2S project to protect the massive personal content trend, from the fake news or mob violence, and, at the same time, to offer some edited content based on this personal content.

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Full digital loop: Hyper-scale & Micro-care

02 September 2019

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The ultimate dream for any business is to be closer and closer to the users and customers to better respond to their needs. This proximity is expected to generate more Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), a smaller churn, better word of mouth and thus a scale up of the business. Until now it had been just a dream, a kind of grail, but we are now in the digital era and many ITEA projects deliver some unique results on the full digital loop to overcome this challenge.

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First masterclass dedicated to digital transformation - learning from ITEA projects

20 October 2016

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We are delighted that Vinnova hosted ITEA’s first masterclass dedicated to digital transformation in Stockholm on 19 October 2016.

The ITEA masterclasses are a new tool developed by ITEA to make a further step in the direction of market impact. We have already many ITEA projects delivering fast exploitation. We are proud of that and it generates a lot of value for our industrial partners (large companies, SMEs and start-ups) in the global market. Our community is learning a lot from these projects on hot topics like digital transformation, energy transition, software and system engineering, security, automotive standards, etc. We are willing to share these understandings outside of our community to strengthen the impact and for the interest of our Public Authorities who are investing in our projects. Thus we intend to develop these masterclasses on hot topics for which we gather the know-how acquired during our most successful projects and, with the support of our Public Authority, we will invite some companies mainly from outside of the ITEA community to take advantage of these understandings and to accelerate their own transition.

The first masterclass has been set up on digital transformation which impacts all businesses nowadays. We gathered the know-how of three successful ITEA projects: ACCELERATE, SCALARE and InValue.

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Smart Health - when the end users are telling us what they want

05 July 2016

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On 21-22 June in the Berlin Bosch premises and with the support of the Charité hospital, ITEA organised its second international customers & end-user workshop on Smart Health.

The aim of these workshops is to strengthen even more the ITEA community in his recognised business impact focus. We observed that our projects, which involve the end users from the beginning, are delivering more regularly fast exploitation. We are convinced, that it is because we try to respond to actual demands of the users, that our innovations are spreading quicker on the market. Thus our industrial board decided to introduce this annual event focussed on a dedicated theme. Last year it was on Smart City, this year on Smart Health; topics of prime importance for society, for innovation potential and for our ITEA community.


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When R&D programmes are in danger of becoming a customer

05 November 2015

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The R&D programme dilemma is to define a detailed roadmap to select the best proposals on this roadmap. This detailed roadmap has to be defined when everybody is more and more conscious that we are in front of a “wall of innovations”. The key question is not so much to have an idea of innovation rather than to decide on where to invest.

Thus when an R&D programme is too directive with the support of so-called experts, many companies may feel that the programme and its experts are pointing in the right direction. They try to respond as best as possible along these directions. The result is that the companies innovate in the direction proposed by the R&D programme and the R&D programme becomes the actual customer.

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