Exploitable Results of ITEA projects

Here you can find the Exploitable Results by Third Parties (ERTP) documents of the finished ITEA projects. This is a concise technical description of the project’s outputs that can be reused by new projects, or more generally third parties (under conditions). These results may be technologies or integrated products, sub-systems, components, software libraries (closed or open-source), standards, algorithms, etc.

Title Download Project name Publication date
ICARE Exploitable Results.pdf
ICARE (ITEA 2) 16 Apr 2015
CREATE Exploitable Results.pdf
CREATE (ITEA 2) 18 Dec 2014
SAFE Exploitable Results.pdf
SAFE (ITEA 2) 08 Dec 2014
Web of Objects Exploitable Results.pdf
Web of Objects (ITEA 2) 27 Nov 2014