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Exhibitors guide

Co-summit, 10-11 March 2015, Berlin

In the Exhibitor guide you will find practical information which will help you in organising your booth at the event. 

Quick links

Please find below a list of quick links to topics also related to the preparation of your booth at the exhibition.

Practical information

Below you can find general practical information which will help you in organising your booth at the event. Topics are sorted alphabetically.

Assembly Building up your booth is possible on Monday 9 March, from 12:00hrs onwards (not earlier). A sandwich lunch will be provided to the people building up their booth. At 19:00hrs drinks will be served for the exhibition crew. The exhibition area closes that day at 20:00hrs.
Booth Go to the Exhibition requirements page for more information about the booth and for a picture of what your booth will look like.
Booth occupation It is highly recommended for each running or shortly completed ITEA project to be represented at the project exhibition. Each project will have a dedicated booth to present their plans and/or results achieved so far and their exploitation perspectives (important for completing/completed projects). This can be done by means of posters, presentations and demonstrations. 
Booths (also when only showing posters) will have to be attended by a project representative during all the exhibition opening hours.

Remember to specify your crew members and invoicing details (e.g. when renting an LCD screen) in your booth requirements.

Please note that all booth crew also need to register themselves as participant of the event before the registration deadline.
Booth requirements  At the ITEA Community website each project coordinator of an exhibiting project at the Co-summit will find a link to complete/update the project booth requirements and stand crew. More information can be found on the Exhibition requirements page
Building up  Building up your booth is possible on March 9, from 12:00hrs onwards (not earlier). A basic lunch will be provided to the people building up their booth. At 19:00hrs drinks will be served for the exhibition crew. The exhibition area closes that day at 20:00hrs. 

There is a cloakroom at level -1. 
Opening hours:

  • 10 March: 8:00-18:00hrs
  • 11 March: 8:00-18:00hrs
Contact  All questions regarding the exhibition or Co-summit may be directed at the Co-summit office at
You can also reach us by phone at +31 (0)88 0036 136. 
Costs  The costs of the booths, tables and chairs, power supply provision (one 3-parted power socket) & consumption and internet connection (1 wired line per booth and the general WiFi) will be hosted by the Co-summit organisation. Costs do apply for LCD displays, see Displays. When a request is highly unusual, very costly or is expressed after the deadline, the Co-summit office reserves the right to evaluate the request and costs, discuss this with the requesting project and possibly charge the project for the additional costs.
Dates  The Co-summit 2015 will take place on 10 & 11 March 2015
Dismanteling the exhibition  Dismantling of your booth may take place on Wednesday 11 March from 16:00hrs until 20:00hrs. 
Displays The Co-summit office will be able to rent large displays (approx. 40"LCD full HD) to enable you to e.g. present your project with a PowerPoint presentation. We highly recommend the use of LCD displays. Please note that the rent of € 275 excl. VAT for a LCD display will be at the project's costs. Please indicate on the booth requirements form if you will use LCD display(s) - see also topic Booth requirements.
If you choose not to make use of a LCD display, you may also bring your own beamer.
Exhibition opening hours 
  • Tuesday 10 March:       9:00 - 17:30 hrs
  • Wednesday 11 March:  9:00 - 16:00 hrs  
Floor plan  The project exhibitions and break-out rooms are located on the ground floor and first floor of bcc Berlin Congress Center. The plenary room is located on the first floor. A detailed floor plan will be made available before the event. 
Guided tours Guided tours will be organised for several ITEA ARTEMIS-IA bodies, Public Authorities and the press.
Hotel accommodation  The Co-summit office has arranged special rates at several hotels. Please visit the Hotel accommodation page to select your hotel. In order to use the special rates, please book in time! 
Internet connections  The entire exhibition space will offer free WiFi access for all visitors. 
Each project booth will be equipped with one wired internet connection. When you bring a hub/switch or router to extend the connections, please indicate this clearly in the project's booth requirements. 
Lift dimensions 
  • Doors: 2.5 x 2.5 m (WxH)
  • Cage: 2.9 x 2.05 m (WxD)
  • Maximum weight 2t (336kg/m2)

NOTE: Main entrances BT 01, BT 02, BT 03 and BT 04. Dimensions 2.2 x 2.2m

Parking  Parking for (un)loading: see Truck deliveries & return shipments.
Parking during the event days: Map of parking opportunities nearby.
Power supply  Each project booth will be equipped with one 3-parted power socket (max 1kW/230V). Bring extension cords and/or extra socket boxes if the provided power sockets are not sufficient. Should you have additional needs, you can indicate this in your project booth requirements. 
PowerPoint presentation  In addition to the project posters, it is strongly recommended to all projects to present a PowerPoint presentation.
Check the PowerPoint presentation guidelines for detailed instructions on how to use the PowerPoint template. 
Press  Journalists from different European magazines will participate in the Co-summit. A guided tour at the exhibition will be scheduled for the press. Almost all journalists will stay both event days, so journalists will also visit the exhibition at other moments and without being accompanied by someone of ITEA. Journalists can be recognised by the special colour of their badges (purple).

A media briefing with a few pointers to take into account at the exhibition will be made available a few weeks before the event. This briefing also pays attention to Do's and Don'ts in press contacts.

Contact person for press related issues: 
Kay van Ham
+31 (0)88 0036 136
Project demonstrators  Projects showing demo's and posters will, by default, get a 3m wide x 1m deep booth equipped with tables; if more space or a special shape is needed, please specify your needs in the project's booth requirements and they will be carefully considered - see also topic Booth requirements. When issues are raised, the Co-summit office contact the project coordinator to go over the details. 
Project leaflets  Project profile / project result leaflets will be produced to distribute during the Co-summit. The leaflets will be available digitally and a number of copies will be printed for you to distribute at your own stand. 
Project posters  All projects have to show at least one project poster and one partner poster. For the ITEA projects, the posters will be physically produced for free by the ITEA Office on the basis of the contents provided by each project; their size will be A0. Go to the Project posters page for the project poster template and detailed instructions. 
Shipping and storage  The exhibitor will be responsible for the reception, unpacking and storing of his goods and for their removal after the exhibition. Shipment address for the Co-summit: see Truck deliveries.

There will be limited storage space near the exhibition area. 
Truck deliveries &
return shipment
See where you can park for (un)loading your booth equipment on the delivery map. Delivery area 4 has the most space, as well as the best access to the main exhibition area. Please do not park for an extended amount of time in Delivery area 1, because this is the driveway which needs to be as clear as possible in order to access Delivery area 4 (the forecourt).

Please keep in mind the following schedule for delivery and return shipments when preparing your exhibition.
For deliveries before 7 March, an additional charge of € 75,- per m2 applies.
  • Delivery: 7-9 March from 9:00 - 18:00 hrs
  • Return shipment: 11 March from 16:00 - 18:00 hrs
  • Delivery address: 
    bbc Berlin Congress Center GmbH
    Co-summit 2015 - project name
    Alexanderstr. 11
    10178 Berlin
Stand crew  Every participant, stand crew as well, needs to register for the Co-summit before the registration deadline. At the ITEA Community website, each project leader of an exhibiting project at the Co-summit will find a link to complete/update the project stand crew and booth requirements.
Tables and chairs  Indicate in the project's booth requirements form how many tables and chairs you need. 
Training stand crew  As a special service, the ITEA office gives projects the opportunity to be supported on:
  • how to present the key message(s) and business value of the project in 3-5 minutes
  • improving the focus of the presentation
  • improving presentation skills
This special service is offered free of charge, is done by a professional recommended trainer, and includes:
  • PowerPoint review
  • Workshop presentation pitch
For more detailed information and for subscription details go to the stand crew training page.
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