Questions and answers about ICT EUREKA Clusters

29 Feb 2016
External Events
ESP, Madrid
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AMETIC, the ICT technological platform in Spain, organises together with the Public Authorities from CDTI and MINETUR an information day on the EUREKA ICT Clusters.

All Spanish CDTI and MINETUR representatives for the EUREKA ICT Clusters (ITEA, Celtic-Plus, PENTA and EURIPIDES2 will be present to answer your questions you might have on participation in a Cluster project and on how to prepare a successful project proposal.

Furthermore, Jean-Luc Mate, InterCluster Spokesperson, will give a presentation on the EUREKA Clusters and the InterCluster initiative on Smart Cities.

You need to register for the event and send in your questions and / or requests for proposal guidance beforehand.

For more information and registration, see the AMETIC website: