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Barco at the forefront of Smart cities

Posted by Philippe Letellier · 12 November 2018

I had a singular opportunity to be invited to the Barco VX Innovation Days. A unique moment where Barco invites its key customers, shows unprecedented innovation and gathers user requirements to further adapt the Barco products. I have seen an incredible amount of impressive innovations, like this world premiere of the RigiFlex screen. This rollable screen can be stretched to 10m*3.8m and is extremely stable; this was demonstrated by the renowned tennis player Yanina Wickmayer, who practised her tennis serve on it. I was excited to see that some Smart Cities innovations arose from previous ITEA projects, like the awarded C³PO and JEDI projects and also the 3D-Testbench project.

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Industry 4.0 will be impacted by some new, very innovative and ambitious ITEA projects

Posted by Philippe Letellier · 29 October 2018

ITEA has contributed to innovating Smart Industries for many years now. Our Smart Industry-themed international customer and end-user workshop held in June 2017 was a big success in sharing, with some key international customers, the key pain points in the efficient deployment of some industry 4.0 cases.

I would like to highlight two incredible projects, focused on actual customer needs, which are currently delivering some unique innovations that could have an important impact on your own business. I want to share with you some ideas developed in two running ITEA projects: ENTOC (engineering optimisation for production line) and VMAP (simulation engineering optimisation for materials).

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ITEA supports SMEs and Start-ups to increase their visibility to the industry and venture capital communities

Posted by Philippe Letellier · 25 January 2017

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ITEA, in partnership with Artemisia, is organising the Digital Innovation Forum in Amsterdam on 10 and 11 May. This forum is dedicated to show the different facets of innovation in Europe.

During this event you will be able to participate in four parallel workshops on: Smart Energy, Smart Health, Smart Mobility and Smart Manufacturing. For each of these workshops you will be able to exhibit your own innovations to the European industrial innovation community. It will allow you to demonstrate how unique you are and how advanced your proposal is in the market.

Furthermore, you will be able to pitch in front of high ranking juries including top level industry managers, venture capitalists and a set of successful entrepreneurs for each theme. This is a unique opportunity for you SME and start-up leaders to be identified by the key managers involved in all the large European companies steering innovation.

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First masterclass dedicated to digital transformation - learning from ITEA projects

Posted by Philippe Letellier · 20 October 2016

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We are delighted that Vinnova hosted ITEA’s first masterclass dedicated to digital transformation in Stockholm on 19 October 2016.

The ITEA masterclasses are a new tool developed by ITEA to make a further step in the direction of market impact. We have already many ITEA projects delivering fast exploitation. We are proud of that and it generates a lot of value for our industrial partners (large companies, SMEs and start-ups) in the global market. Our community is learning a lot from these projects on hot topics like digital transformation, energy transition, software and system engineering, security, automotive standards, etc. We are willing to share these understandings outside of our community to strengthen the impact and for the interest of our Public Authorities who are investing in our projects. Thus we intend to develop these masterclasses on hot topics for which we gather the know-how acquired during our most successful projects and, with the support of our Public Authority, we will invite some companies mainly from outside of the ITEA community to take advantage of these understandings and to accelerate their own transition.

The first masterclass has been set up on digital transformation which impacts all businesses nowadays. We gathered the know-how of three successful ITEA projects: ACCELERATE, SCALARE and InValue.

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Smart Health - when the end users are telling us what they want

Posted by Philippe Letellier · 05 July 2016

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On 21-22 June in the Berlin Bosch premises and with the support of the Charité hospital, ITEA organised its second international customers & end-user workshop on Smart Health.

The aim of these workshops is to strengthen even more the ITEA community in his recognised business impact focus. We observed that our projects, which involve the end users from the beginning, are delivering more regularly fast exploitation. We are convinced, that it is because we try to respond to actual demands of the users, that our innovations are spreading quicker on the market. Thus our industrial board decided to introduce this annual event focussed on a dedicated theme. Last year it was on Smart City, this year on Smart Health; topics of prime importance for society, for innovation potential and for our ITEA community.


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Waves of data becoming an actual tsunami

Posted by Philippe Letellier · 20 May 2016

Our world is not becoming digital, it is already digital. A huge amount of data is produced every second with a unique opportunity to extract value from it. It requires sophisticated algorithms to automatically extract this added value. Sophisticated algorithms, big data to process: this is a big challenge for our industries called High Performance Computing (HPC). The natural speed of growth of the CPU chipsets has to be overcome to follow the growth of data. An associated challenge is to participate in a greener world as data centre energy consumption is becoming less and less marginal in global energy consumption.

Digital transition is at the heart of ITEA. It is very important and we invest in innovative HPC machine architectures and associated software development tools. H4H has been very successful along this path. It has delivered results with heterogeneous architecture (GPU, multi core, huge central memory), enabled easier development of HPC applications while optimising performance of the applications and reducing energy consumption by advanced cooling systems.

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Cybersecurity an Urgency

Posted by Philippe Letellier · 03 May 2016

Our world is not becoming digital, it is already digital. But with this trend comes a weakness: cybercrime. It is no longer theoretical; some significant figures are already known and many are still hidden. A few examples: 2010 - DDoS attack on global payment system caused several millions of dollar losses to VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL…, the mega-data breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment in November 2014, Ubiquity suffered in 2015 a $47 million business email compromise, in December 2015 Malware caused power cuts in Ukraine and so on (have a look on the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report – it is frightening).

Digital transition is at the heart of ITEA. It is very important and we invest in innovative cybersecurity solutions. The ADAX project has been very successful in shortening time to response and in optimising the cost of countermeasures through a new decision support engine.

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Digital Innovation is more than innovation

Posted by Philippe Letellier · 22 December 2015

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With digital ITEA we are working towards Digital innovation, the next step of innovation.

We are confronted by the continuous and quicker changes of our world. The digital transition may puzzle us. It can put our companies out of the market if we don’t take care or at least drastically reduce our margins if we become just providers under the lead of some digital giants who alienate us from the end-users.

Nevertheless, we have already a real box of pearls that we can exploit more. In Europe we have built an incredible environment of cooperative R&D projects which deliver some unique results. But they need a stronger market push. Some billions of euros are invested by the European Commission, by the national governments for the EUREKA Clusters and by our companies in these projects.

Very often, and in particular with ITEA, such projects deliver unique innovative results that have some direct impact on the market. But it is not enough! We want to be even more ambitious in ITEA. 

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When R&D programmes are in danger of becoming a customer

Posted by Philippe Letellier · 05 November 2015

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The R&D programme dilemma is to define a detailed roadmap to select the best proposals on this roadmap. This detailed roadmap has to be defined when everybody is more and more conscious that we are in front of a “wall of innovations”. The key question is not so much to have an idea of innovation rather than to decide on where to invest.

Thus when an R&D programme is too directive with the support of so-called experts, many companies may feel that the programme and its experts are pointing in the right direction. They try to respond as best as possible along these directions. The result is that the companies innovate in the direction proposed by the R&D programme and the R&D programme becomes the actual customer.

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ITEA 3 Call 2 PO Days - Prepare your winning proposal

Posted by Philippe Letellier · 17 September 2015

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The ITEA community has decided to reduce the time between the idea (PO Preparation Days) and the start of the project. This acceleration has a consequence for you in terms of the time you have to write the proposals. This has been reduced for both the PO and the FPP while the quality is expected to be as high as usual in ITEA. Thus the next PO Days, taking place on 22-23 September in Brussels will be even more important to prepare your winning proposal.

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