ITEA Roadmap for Software-Intensive Systems and Services

Edition 3


Released in February 2009, the ITEA Roadmap 3 is an open and structured vision of future uses of ICT and of ICT-based services, and thus a tool for anticipating technology changes in software-related businesses. It demonstrates the potential of ITEA 2 to contribute significantly to European industrial competitiveness and societal well-being over the coming years.

The document explains the general evolutions in Software-intensive Systems and Services, and identifies major roadblocks. As such, it serves as a tool to position R&D and innovation projects, and to create innovation partnerships.
Roadmap 3 can be read as an announcement that future ITEA 2 projects will:

The document is structured along five application domains and five technology categories. Key application and services domains are: Me, Group and Society, to underline the importance of the key societal challenges. Transversal are the application domains of Infrastructures and Basic Services, and Services, Systems and Software Creation. Each domain description includes various scenarios with short-, medium-, and long-term visions and required technologies.

The five technology categories are structured into Content and Knowledge, Network and Computing, Interaction, Engineering, and Technologies of the future. For each technology category, a number of short-, medium-, and long-term challenges are elaborated.

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