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Find below a list of all active and finished ITEA projects

Call Project Project title Project leader
ITEA Call 5 02024 TBONES Developing a simulator for scaleable, multi-granularity switching capable, and transparent, DWDM bac Bela Berde
ITEA Call 5 02010 TT-Medal Test & Testing Methodologies for Advanced Languages Colin Willcock
ITEA Call 4 01012 3DWorkbench Developing a CAD/CAM/CAE middleware and infrastructure based on standards and available as open sour Milan Marinov
ITEA Call 4 01001 AdaNets Adaptive Networks and Service Linas Maknavicius
ITEA Call 4 01003 EMPRESS Evolution Management Process for Real-Time Embedded Software Systems Peter Kaiser
ITEA Call 4 01010 Hyades High Level System RT Application Development Environment for SMP & Clusters Dominique Ragot
ITEA Call 4 01002 MOOSE Software Engineering Methodologies for Embedded Systems Rini van Solingen
ITEA Call 4 01009 Prompt2Implementation Providing a system-level co-design methodology to unambiguously specify, simulate, test, prototype a Günther wilhelm Siegel
ITEA Call 4 01011 Proteus Developing a generic software platform for polyvalent remote technical support tool handling informa Denis Chevé
ITEA Call 3 00003 Ambience Context Aware Environment for Ambient Services Evert van Loenen
ITEA Call 3 00004 Cafe From Concept to Application in System-Family Engineering Frank van der Linden
ITEA Call 3 00005 Digital Cinema Defining an architecture of a digital cinema infrastructure and developing systems, concepts & f Dirk Maes
ITEA Call 3 00009 EAST-EEA Embedded Electronic Architecture Joachim K. Irion
ITEA Call 3 00002 HomeNet2Run Extending home network communications capabilities to include other networks and making these connec Frank van Tuijl
ITEA Call 3 00001 Robocop Robust Open Component Based Software Architecture for Configurable Devices Project Jean Gelissen
ITEA Call 2 99030 @Terminals Architecture and Tools to Deliver Adaptive Contents and Applications to Terminals Keith Baker
ITEA Call 2 99033 Netcare Design of advanced architecture for virtual private networks and assembly of a platform for advanced Amada Bernaldez
ITEA Call 2 99040 Vivian Middleware platform for mobile terminals (smart phones, PDAs, laptops) supporting the mobility aspec Juha Tuominen
ITEA Call 1 99001 Athos Advanced platforms and Technologies for the provision of communication Services Gianluca Renoffio
ITEA Call 1 99002 Beyond Beyond the GUI Désirée de Lang
ITEA Call 1 99003 BRIC Broadcast & Internet Convergence Jean Chatel
ITEA Call 1 99019 Co-Var Co-operative software design architecture based on augmented virtual objects Mike Vandamme
ITEA Call 1 99012 DESS software Development Process for Real-Time Embedded software Systems Andy De Mets
ITEA Call 1 99006 DIGITAL HEAD-END Digital cable network head-end: new architectures for multi-media interactive applications, supporti Frank van Tuijl
ITEA Call 1 99005 ESAPS Engineering Software Architectures, Processes and Platforms for System Families Frank van der Linden
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