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Call Project Project title Project leader
ITEA 2 Call 2 07024 PRISMA Productivity in Collaborative Systems Development Paivi Parviainen
ITEA 2 Call 2 07004 PubSub4RT A publish/Subscribe Infrastructure for Real-Time Services Pedro Soria-Rodriguez
ITEA 2 Call 2 07021 SEMbySEM Services Management by Semantic Patrick Gatellier
ITEA 2 Call 1 06043 3D-Testbench Systems modelling and simulation Andy De Mets
ITEA 2 Call 1 06002 AmIE Ambient Intelligence for the Elderly Ricardo de las Heras Martín
ITEA 2 Call 1 06017 CAM4Home Collaborative Aggregated Multimedia for Digital Home Patrick Schwartz
ITEA 2 Call 1 06014 D-MINT Deployment of Model-Based Technologies to Industrial Testing Colin Willcock
ITEA 2 Call 1 06009 EASY Interactions EASY Interactions Eric Munier
ITEA 2 Call 1 06042 ES_PASS Embedded Software Product-based ASSurance Maurice Heitz
ITEA 2 Call 1 06020 EUROSYSLIB European Leadership in System Modeling and Simulation through advanced Modelica Libraries Piero Brozzu
ITEA 2 Call 1 06026 ExpeShare Experience sharing in mobile peer communities Johan Plomp
ITEA 2 Call 1 06022 FLEXI Flexible Global Product Development and Integration Pekka Abrahamsson
ITEA 2 Call 1 06011 LINDO Large scale distributed INDexation of multimedia Objects Jean-Francois Sulzer
ITEA 2 Call 1 06035 MoSiS Model-driven development of highly configurable embedded Software-intensive Systems Hans Petter Dahle
ITEA 2 Call 1 06015 ParMA Parallel Programming for Multi-core Architectures Jean-Marc Morel
ITEA 2 Call 1 06038 TECOM Trusted Embedded Computing Antonio Kung
ITEA 2 Call 1 06005 TIMMO Timing Model Friedhelm Stappert
ITEA 2 Call 1 06004 UseNet Ubiquitous M2M Service Networks Juhani Latvakoski
ITEA 2 Call 1 06030 Wellcom Emplyment/management of services/applications in a distributed home environment Xavier Andrieu
ITEA Call 8 05010 CANTATA Content Analysis & Networked Technologies towards Advanced and Tailored Assistance. Egbert G.T. Jaspers
ITEA Call 8 05008 EPAS Electronic Protocols Application Software. William Vanobberghen
ITEA Call 8 05023 ESNA European Sensor Network Architecture. Olle Olsson
ITEA Call 8 05018 Gene-Auto Automatic Software Generation for Real-Time Embedded Systems. Olivier Ssi-yan-kai
ITEA Call 8 05012 GGCC Global GNU compiler collection. Arnaud Laprévote
ITEA Call 8 05003 NUADU The goal of NUADU (Celtic god of healing) is to explore the opportunities for providing 'healthcare Peter van der Meulen
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