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Find below a list of all active and finished ITEA projects

Call Project Project title Project leader
ITEA 2 Call 6 11009 FedSS Federated Security Shield Frank Rulof
ITEA 2 Call 6 11012 ICARE Innovative Cloud Architecture for Real Entertainment Eric Auffret
ITEA 2 Call 6 11011 MERgE Multi-Concerns Interactions System Engineering Charles Robinson
ITEA 2 Call 6 11004 MODRIO Model Driven Physical Systems Operation Daniel Bouskela
ITEA 2 Call 6 11027 MoSHCA My Mobile and Smart Health Care Assistant Hendrik R Schwietert
ITEA 2 Call 6 11025 openETCS Open Proofs Methodology for the European Train Control Onboard System Klaus-Rüdiger Hase
ITEA 2 Call 6 11013 PROMES Processes Models for Engineering of Embedded Systems Matias Vierimaa
ITEA 2 Call 6 11020 SITAC Social Internet of things: Apps by and for the Crowd Ilan Mahalal
ITEA 2 Call 5 10030 ADAX Attack Detection And Countermeasures Simulation Adrien Philippe Bécue
ITEA 2 Call 5 10037 ATAC Advanced Test Automation for Complex and Highly-Configurable Software-intensive Systems Stijn Rammeloo
ITEA 2 Call 5 10020 CREATE Creating evolution capable cooperating applications in industrial automation Peter Funk
ITEA 2 Call 5 10031 DiCoMa Disaster Control Management Eloy Gonzalez Ortega
ITEA 2 Call 5 10014 EASI-CLOUDS Extendable Architecture and Service Infrastructure for Cloud-Aware Software Mario Lopez-Ramos
ITEA 2 Call 5 10009 ENERFICIENCY User Led Energy Efficiency Management Max Grau Stenzel
ITEA 2 Call 5 10021 MANY Many-core programming and resource management for high-performance Embedded Systems Detlef Scholle
ITEA 2 Call 5 10004 MEDUSA Medical Distributed Utilization of Services & Applications Frank van der Linden
ITEA 2 Call 5 10035 PREDYKOT Policies REfined DYnamically and Kept On Track Thierry Winter
ITEA 2 Call 5 10039 SAFE Safe Automotive soFtware architEcture Stefan Voget
ITEA 2 Call 5 10006 SEMOSA Single European Open Mobile Services Area Tonny Velin
ITEA 2 Call 5 10029 TWIRL Twinning virtual World (on-line) Information with Real world (off-Line) data sources Marc Contat
ITEA 2 Call 5 10028 Web of Objects Web of Objects Patrick Gatellier
ITEA 2 Call 4 09031 A2Nets Autonomic Services in M2M Networks Juhani Latvakoski
ITEA 2 Call 4 09008 ACDC Adaptive Content Delivery Cluster Patrick Schwartz
ITEA 2 Call 4 09041 ACOUSTICS Acoustic wave application for the analysis of the quality & safety of porous food & non-food matrice Grazina Juodeikiene
ITEA 2 Call 4 09013 AMALTHEA Model Based Open Source Development Environment for Automotive Multi Core Systems Harald Mackamul
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