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Find below a list of all active and finished ITEA projects

Call Project Project title Project leader
ITEA Call 8 05010 CANTATA Content Analysis & Networked Technologies towards Advanced and Tailored Assistance. Egbert G.T. Jaspers
ITEA Call 8 05008 EPAS Electronic Protocols Application Software. William Vanobberghen
ITEA Call 8 05023 ESNA European Sensor Network Architecture. Olle Olsson
ITEA Call 8 05018 Gene-Auto Automatic Software Generation for Real-Time Embedded Systems. Olivier Ssi-yan-kai
ITEA Call 8 05012 GGCC Global GNU compiler collection. Arnaud Laprévote
ITEA Call 8 05003 NUADU The goal of NUADU (Celtic god of healing) is to explore the opportunities for providing 'healthcare Peter van der Meulen
ITEA Call 8 05016 SEMEASY Semantic makes Middleware EASY. Tran Huynh
ITEA Call 8 05024 SmartTouch Browsing Through Smart Objects Around You. Tua Huomo
ITEA Call 8 05022 SODA Service-Oriented Device & Delivery Architectures Francois Jammes
ITEA Call 8 05015 SPICES Support for Predictable Integration of mission Critical Embedded Systems. Anne-Marie Fouilliart
ITEA Call 8 05004 TWINS Optimizing hw-sw Co-design flow for software intensive systems Dominique Segers
ITEA Call 8 05011 €-confidential Trusted Security Platform. Guillaume Meier
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