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Call Project Project title Project leader
ITEA Call 5 02013 CANDELA Content Analysis and Networked DELivery Architectures towards Intelligent Video Egbert G.T. Jaspers
ITEA Call 5 02015 COPS COpy Protection System Yves Maetz
ITEA Call 5 02009 FAMILIES FAct-based Maturity through Institutionalisation Lessons-learned and Involved Exploration of System- Frank van der Linden
ITEA Call 5 02002 Jules Verne Addressing the issues of matching the capabilities of the interactive digital broadcast industry for Keith Baker
ITEA Call 5 02027 LASCOT LArge Scale COllaborative decision support Technology Claude Meyer
ITEA Call 5 02020 Mobilizing the Internet Establishing a new business approach to wireless and mobility, with light-weight operators utilizing Wim Stut
ITEA Call 5 02019 Nomadic Media Developing innovative concepts for technologies and products including multimodal interaction, adapt Ian McClelland
ITEA Call 5 02003 OSMOSE Open Source Middleware for Open Systems in Europe Jesús Bermejo Muñoz
ITEA Call 5 02011 SATURN Security Applications and Technologies for Universal infoRmation Networks Patrick Radja
ITEA Call 5 02014 SIRENA Service Infrastructure for Real-time Embedded Networked Applications Francois Jammes
ITEA Call 5 02016 Space4U Software Platform and component environment 4 you Jean Gelissen
ITEA Call 5 02024 TBONES Developing a simulator for scaleable, multi-granularity switching capable, and transparent, DWDM bac Bela Berde
ITEA Call 5 02010 TT-Medal Test & Testing Methodologies for Advanced Languages Colin Willcock
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