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Find below a list of all active and finished ITEA projects

Call Project Project title Project leader
ITEA Call 3 00003 Ambience Context Aware Environment for Ambient Services Evert van Loenen
ITEA Call 3 00004 Cafe From Concept to Application in System-Family Engineering Frank van der Linden
ITEA Call 3 00005 Digital Cinema Defining an architecture of a digital cinema infrastructure and developing systems, concepts & f Dirk Maes
ITEA Call 3 00009 EAST-EEA Embedded Electronic Architecture Joachim K. Irion
ITEA Call 3 00002 HomeNet2Run Extending home network communications capabilities to include other networks and making these connec Frank van Tuijl
ITEA Call 3 00001 Robocop Robust Open Component Based Software Architecture for Configurable Devices Project Jean Gelissen
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