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Call Project Project title Project leader
ITEA 2 Call 8 13017 AMALTHEA4public Enabling of Results from AMALTHEA and others for Transfer into Application and building a Community Jörg Teßmer
ITEA 2 Call 8 13035 APPS Advancing Plug & Play Smart Surveillance Burcu Yilmaz
ITEA 2 Call 8 13031 BENEFIT Better Effectiveness aNd EFficiency by measuring and modelling of Interventional Therapy Herman Stegehuis
ITEA 2 Call 8 13034 CareWare Smart wearable sport and health solutions Careware Project Leader
ITEA 2 Call 8 13024 COLOC The COncurrency and LOcality Challenge François Verbeck
ITEA 2 Call 8 13016 C³PO Collaborative City Co-design PlatfOrm Andy De Mets
ITEA 2 Call 8 13023 FUSE-IT Future Unified System for Energy and Information Technology Adrien Philippe Bécue
ITEA 2 Call 8 13040 IDEaliSM Integrated & Distributed Engineering Services framework for MDO Stefan van der Elst
ITEA 2 Call 8 13047 InCloudInG Inter-cloud identity governance Mikel Uriarte
ITEA 2 Call 8 13021 INSIST Integrated service delivery for citizens' safety and comfort Özer Aydemir
ITEA 2 Call 8 13015 InValue Industrial Enterprise Asset Value Enablers Arda Güreller
ITEA 2 Call 8 13011 M2MGrids Smart M2M Grids – M2M Internet for dynamic M2M Information Business ecosystem Juhani Latvakoski
ITEA 2 Call 8 13028 ModelWriter Text & Model-Synchronized Document Engineering Platform Ferhat Erata
ITEA 2 Call 8 13043 MOOC TAB Massive Online Open Course TABlet Dominique Défossez
ITEA 2 Call 8 13029 WATER-M Unified Intelligent WATER Management Jean-Jacques Busson
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