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Find below a list of all active and finished ITEA projects

Call Project Project title Project leader
ITEA 2 Call 7 12014 ACCELERATE A Platform for the Acceleration of go-to market in the ICT Industry Päivi Jaring
ITEA 2 Call 7 12035 AVANTI Test methodology for virtual commissioning based on behaviour simulation of production systems Thomas Bär
ITEA 2 Call 7 12011 BaaS Building as a Service Franz-Josef Stewing
ITEA 2 Call 7 12010 CAP Collaborative Analytics Platform Bülent Kirval
ITEA 2 Call 7 12020 DEMWatch Dementia Watch System Cem Ayyildiz
ITEA 2 Call 7 12038 FIONA Framework for Indoor and Outdoor Navigation Assistance Mathias Bürger
ITEA 2 Call 7 12028 IDEA4SWIFT Identity, Doc, Exchange, Authentication 4 Systems Worldwide Interconnections of Frequent Travelers Jean-Loup Dépinay
ITEA 2 Call 7 12002 MACH MAssive Calculations on Hybrid systems Thomas Soddemann
ITEA 2 Call 7 12007 PRO-HEAL Automated Self-Protection and Self-Healing Software Solutions Lex van Gijsel
ITEA 2 Call 7 12018 SCALARE SCALing softwARE: Supporting Industry in Managing Software Scalability Miguel Oltra
ITEA 2 Call 7 12012 SDGear Software Development Governance (SDG) as a Service John Noll
ITEA 2 Call 7 12004 SEAS Smart Energy Aware Systems Philippe Bourguignon
ITEA 2 Call 7 12026 SoRTS System of Real-Time Systems Frank van der Linden
ITEA 2 Call 7 12015 ViSCa VIrtualization of Smart CArds Sergio Gonzalez-Miranda
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