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Call Project Project title Project leader
ITEA 2 Call 2 07017 AIMES Advanced Infrastructure for Medical Equipment Management and Services Andreas Zeidler
ITEA 2 Call 2 07011 Edafmis Embedded Decision and Data Fusion for Medical Intervention Support Frank van der Linden
ITEA 2 Call 2 07010 Evolve Evolutionary validation, verification and certification Johan R. Devos
ITEA 2 Call 2 07013 GEODES Global Energy Optimisation for Distributed heterogeneous Embedded Systems Agnes Fritsch
ITEA 2 Call 2 07005 HDTVNext Deploying next generation high-definition television from professional production to the home user Dominique Défossez
ITEA 2 Call 2 07022 HiPiP High Performance image Processing Frank van der Linden
ITEA 2 Call 2 07003 ITEI IT supporting execution of innovative projects José A. Heredia Alvaro
ITEA 2 Call 2 07016 Metaverse1 Global standards among real and virtual worlds Jean Gelissen
ITEA 2 Call 2 07008 MIDAS Multimodal Interfaces for Disabled and Ageing Society Laure Chotard
ITEA 2 Call 2 07006 MODELISAR From System Modeling to S/W running on the Vehicle Patrick Chombart
ITEA 2 Call 2 07001 MULTIPOL Security policies in multi-domain environments.Developing a consistent and interoperable approach Thierry Winter
ITEA 2 Call 2 07019 OSAMI-Commons Open Source Ambient Intelligence Commons Jesús Bermejo Muñoz
ITEA 2 Call 2 07024 PRISMA Productivity in Collaborative Systems Development Paivi Parviainen
ITEA 2 Call 2 07004 PubSub4RT A publish/Subscribe Infrastructure for Real-Time Services Pedro Soria-Rodriguez
ITEA 2 Call 2 07021 SEMbySEM Services Management by Semantic Patrick Gatellier
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