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Find below a list of all active and finished ITEA projects

Call Project Project title Project leader
ITEA 3 Call 2 15030 ALADIN Airports Landside and air-land side Attacks’ Detection and preventIoN Taskin Kizil
ITEA 3 Call 2 15017 APPSTACLE open standard APplication Platform for carS and TrAnsportation vehiCLEs Matti Frisk
ITEA 3 Call 2 15018 CitiSim Smart City 3D simulation and monitoring platform Jorge Luján
ITEA 3 Call 2 15042 DANGUN Intelligent Perception System for Autonomous Vehicles Myoungho Sunwoo
ITEA 3 Call 2 15005 Digital backbone E2E digital product creation process for customer tailored products Ad de Beer
ITEA 3 Call 2 15016 EMPHYSIS EMPHYSIS – Embedded systems with physical models in the production code software Christian Bertsch
ITEA 3 Call 2 15015 ENTOC Engineering Tool Chain for Efficient and Iterative Development of Smart Factories Thomas Bär
ITEA 3 Call 2 15008 ESTABLISH Environmental Sensing To Act for a Better quality of Life: Smart Health Tanja Suomalainen
ITEA 3 Call 2 15025 Flex4Apps Platform for Application and Infrastructure Flexibility in Cyber-Physical Systems Johannes Berg
ITEA 3 Call 2 15009 HI-RISE High Integrity RPAS by Innovative Software Engineering Erha Mega Andika
ITEA 3 Call 2 15022 MOS2S Media Orchestration - Sensor to Screen Gjalt Loots
ITEA 3 Call 2 15002 Panacea Gaming Platform Panacea Gaming Platform Robyn Sarah Henderson
ITEA 3 Call 2 15004 PARFAIT Personal dAta pRotection FrAmework for IoT Özgün Algın
ITEA 3 Call 2 15026 PS-CRIMSON Public Safety and Crisis Management Service Orchestration Hans Driessen
ITEA 3 Call 2 15010 REVaMP² Round-trip Engineering and Variability Management Platform and Process Andrey Sadovykh
ITEA 3 Call 2 15043 Safe Rescue Software-instrumentation platform to improve situational awareness for emergency responders Irmak Kockan Ersolmaz
ITEA 3 Call 2 15031 SDHDMP Sensor Driven Health Data Messaging Platform Mehadi Sayed
ITEA 3 Call 2 15011 SoMeDi Social Media and Digital Interaction Intelligence Inmaculada Luengo
ITEA 3 Call 1 14001 3DPathology Developing 3D Digital Pathology with Spectroscopy Dominique Segers
ITEA 3 Call 1 14034 3DSafeguard Global Situational Awareness in Rescue, Calamity and Inspection Operations Jordi Carrabina Bordoll
ITEA 3 Call 1 14004 ACOSAR Advanced Co-simulation Open System ARchitecture Martin Benedikt
ITEA 3 Call 1 14014 ASSUME Affordable Safe & Secure Mobility Evolution Udo Gleich
ITEA 3 Call 1 14012 EmoSpaces Enhanced Affective Wellbeing based on Emotion Technologies for adapting IoT spaces Stéphanie Joudrier
ITEA 3 Call 1 14041 ETS Electronic Ticketing System Can Yanyali